Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Microsoft's Upbeat About New Strategy

Microsoft is getting ready to launch arguably its most ambitious Operating System (OS) in its history. Not only that, but the company is launching a radically different OS from the standard it has held over the years. The Windows 8 family user interface has significant deviations from those most people have been accustomed to with the likes of Windows XP and Windows 7. This new strategy it seems, is optimized for the "touch experience", a term fast becoming ubiquitous with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets.

Microsoft is even going into the hardware business (not talking about the XBox here) in that they are making their own Surface tablets. CEO Steve Ballmer has clearly spelled out in a shareholder letter that Microsoft now sees its own devices as crucial to the company as anything else. There's a "fundamental shift" in how the Redmond-based crew works, he says, and investors should expect that Microsoft will periodically make "specific devices for specific purposes" (like Surface or the Xbox) that show off services in the best light possible. Ballmer adds that plans in the long run focus on new device types and learning interfaces. No matter what the CEO says, shareholders will be quietly hoping microsoft has the midas gold touch with this move!

SOURCE Microsoft

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